Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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I recently discovered a blog called Fundamentally Changed which has fundamentally changed my view of the word "fundamentalist", and being called a "Fundamentalist". I am not sure the word (like "Evangelical") can be resurrected from what secular society has done to it, but at least I do not need to feel insulted anymore when someone calls me one.

Jason, one of the bloggers at Fundamentally Changed, noticed that I was beginning to link them in some of my stuff and put them on my reading list on my sideboard. He did something that really hasn't happened to me up to now (and is, in my opinion, really cool) - he sent me an email:


Saw that you linked to our blog and was just curious and wanting to learn more about you.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to comment at any time.


In writing him back to tell him more about me, I thought my answer might be interesting here for those that read my blog just as a current overview - and as an historic point in my development:
Hi Jason,

I am a lay follower of Christ who attends a church that considers itself to be Evangelical. If we have any other claim to fame other than a great expository Bible teacher - it is that we are the home church of evangelist Luis Palau.

My testimony covers most of the personal ground. Theologically, I am a fundamentalist (small "f" for now) as it would be historically, if not societally, defined:
Politically, I consider myself a conservative - but I am beginning to see that it is really impossible to define oneself as a political conservative or a political liberal without falling into the trap of putting the nation state in front of the Kingdom of God.
Hopefully, that response will lead to an interesting discussion with Jason - and with those who read this blog.

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  1. Hi,
    Somehow I just saw this post. Sorry I missed it for so long.
    Thanks for linking to us. I stop in here from time to time and check your blog out, too.
    I do hope that we can at least help people to learn the difference between a historical fundamentalist and a hysterical fundamentalist :-)
    In Christ,


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1. The Golden Rule
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