Saturday, October 31, 2009

Culture wars:
Jared Wilson Enhanced

I mentioned how much I liked Jared Wilson's "Funny, I don't Feel Neoconnish" posted at Evangel. His ten points about why the "culture wars" are going to hell --

  1. Its expectation is foolish
  2. Its medium is moralism, not gospel.
  3. It is theologically naive.
  4. It is often hypocritical.
  5. It battles against flesh and blood.
  6. Its treasure is temporary.
  7. It makes idols of comfort and safety and propriety and power.
  8. It has no root in Jesus’ ministry.
  9. It mangles mission.
  10. The culture war is carried out for our name’s sake, not Jesus’.
-- seem like they are each the core of a post; and that is what I am going to do over a bit of time. As I finish them, I will turn the points up above into links to the expanded posts.

Jared's conclusion seems good to post in this index as well:
I choose the gospel. Come hell or highwater, come a liberal administration in Washington for the rest of my life or actual suffering. My treasure is not Christianity, but Christ. My hope is not a Christian nation but a Christ-saturated universe. I trust not in princes but in the King of Kings. I choose war on hell and death through the liberating power of Jesus in the glorious gospel of the grace of God.

For the glory of God.

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1. The Golden Rule
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