Sunday, November 08, 2009

Culture wars:
Going Forth Naively

[Point three of Jared Wilson's criticism of the "culture wars": (Index)]

Jared Wilson: "The 'culture war' are going to hell because . . ."

3. It is theologically naive. It is the height of weirdness to expect people who don’t know Jesus to act like they do.
The C.S. Lewis quote in the last post in the series speaks to this well -- and so does the one from J. Budziszewski. Indeed, this may be one of those points that just stands on its own. I really do not even want to go into people who do know Jesus not acting like they do - that is covered in a future point about hypocrisy.

I think it is worth mentioning a couple of points here:
  1. Since I believe in natural moral law (not natural theology), there are some ways that folks can be expected to act like they know Jesus even if they don't - just because of God's general revelation to all of humanity in the form of our conscience. See J. Bud's point about some Chrisitan morality being enacted into law and some not.
  2. Christians ability to act like they know Jesus comes from the ministry of the Holy Spirit - which of course must not be ignored.
Also, the two general points I want to continue to stress:

Jered Wilson:
I choose the gospel. Come hell or highwater, come a liberal administration in Washington for the rest of my life or actual suffering. My treasure is not Christianity, but Christ. My hope is not a Christian nation but a Christ-saturated universe. I trust not in princes but in the King of Kings. I choose war on hell and death through the liberating power of Jesus in the glorious gospel of the grace of God.

For the glory of God.

it is incumbant upon Christians to work for right order and justice in the society in which we live. However, our duties to the Body of Christ, the Great Commission, and the Kingdom of God trump our requirements as Christian citizens of a nation state.
Other than that, I will let the folks that comment flesh this out some more if they wish

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