Sunday, June 28, 2009

Romans Series:

Carl Palmer is the Teaching Pastor at my church. He is an expositional pastor, and takes a book of scripture and goes through it deeply. During that time pauses will be taken for other messages, but essentially he takes the time to really look at a Bible book while he teaches on it.

The book right now is Romans. I was gone for a while from the church, so I came back right at the beginning of Chapter 8. He has given 34 messages up to this point covering Romans 1:1 - 8:18. Again, he takes it slow.

I am going to work through it here. Carl teaches from the NIV; but the text I am going to post is going to be from the NET instead.

"Introduction"; Brain Cramps; Street Prophets

Romans 1

Romans 2:
Romans 3:
Romans 4:
Romans 5:
Romans 6:
Romans 7:
Romans 8: