Monday, January 30, 2006

The Monday Tour 1/30/06

Habakkuk's Watchpost gets the hat tip for getting me to Lee Irons and his wife Misty (although I do not know how I got there from there). Lee wrote "What I Believe About Homosexuality" after Misty wrote an article for his website, Upper Register on "A Conservative Christian Case for Civil Same-Sex Marriage". Misty's website is Musings on Christianity, Homosexuality, and the Bible. Both believe as I do that homosexuality is a sin, but not a choice. Both support, as I do, Christians supporting civil unions for gays.

Other than the theological examination of homosexuality, it is interesting that both were attacked by Christian Reconstructionists within the Reformed Church. There is some interesting theological stuff buried in all the papers for those into that kind of thing; and for those who might want Biblical grounding against Reconstructionism.
Catez Stevens has said a lot about post-modernism and Christianity. Here is some more: "Who is the Postmodern Person?" with links to other stuff she and others have said. A post-modern smorgasbord.
There is lots on the turn against al Qaeda in Iraq. First, hat tip to Baghdadee for sending me to "Anti-Qaeda protest in Iraq, local anger mounts"
For those that took the heresy quiz and want to know both what the heresies were, and the questions that won you the award: "Heresy Quiz Answers". (HT: Best of the Godblogs)
As usual, interesting stuff at Iraq the Model.

Jordan's View has "Fundamentalism: Not Necessarily a Bad Word". This might give some folk who like the word "fundie" a little bit of nuance and perspective.
I haven't read it yet but here is a foreign policy speech by Hillary Clinton at Princeton. It comes linked by a send-up by Matthew Goggins: Hillary Clinton and the late Hugh Thompson.
Joe Carter warns President Bush about "Persia, the People, and the Polls"
The View From Her has this view of "Feminists and the Church".
God designed men and women to complement each other. Both feminists and the church miss the importance of this. Feminists miss it because they irrationally insist we're exactly the same. The church misses it because while acknowledging differences, it simply excludes half of them. We insist on running the church with only half of the human qualities God created. And, much like labor unions, it makes the church appear irrelevant in today's culture.
For a bonus, find the "not a good gift" gift idea on her blog.
There was a little look at John Kerry and Daily Kos at Volokh Conspiracy. A little conservative analysis of liberal strategy is always interesting.
One of the liberal members of the Supreme Court talking about the Establishment Clause: "Judicial musings". Hat tip to WorldMagBlog.

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