Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Monday (yeah I know) Tour: 3/7/06

Joe Carter hardly ever fails to interest me: First, he points out a "Divine Demarcation: Why Christians Should Discard 'Supernatural'?".

Then, he asks "Is Post-Modernism a Myth?"
I suppose I have to :-) link these very good posts at Habakkuk's Watchpost since I was involved in both the comment sections: "On Neo-Orthodoxy and the Unbelievable" and "Science and Religion". Other commenter's are unsure whether I am actually stupid, or just proud of my ignorance. That's a tough call.
Catez Stevens talks about "William Levi: The Bible or the Axe". A very interesting look at Sudanese Christianity.
Marla Swoffer has the "Carnival of Beauty: The Bible". Nice stuff.
"The Carnival of the Clueless #34" with the winner of Cluebat of the Week:

". . . the MSM is the winner of the Carnival’s Cluebat of the Week. Check out the rest of the entries for our usual jaw dropping idiocy brought to you by some of the best and brightest on the web. Ladies and Gentlemen: Start your Clicking!
Linking a Guttmacher Institute criticism of contraception availability in Utah - or not
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