Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Death Close to Me

There was a scene in Dances With Wolves where the muleskinner kneels over the bones of a women who died on the prarie and says:

"Someone back east is saying 'Why don't she write' "
Today, I found out that a brother in Christ from a men's accountability group I am in died at the age of 46 from a sudden and severe respiratory disease.

Perhaps the quote above makes it appear that I am making light of his death, but I am not. Last night the group was having a social night and barbeque and discussing A.Y.'s sudden failure to attend our meetings, while not calling and saying he would not be attending. Today, his brother called one of us to tell us he died on May 25th.

I have often thought in the past when I am wondering why someone stood me up, or failed to meet a committment, how I would feel if I found out something drastic had happened to them to give them a valid reason for not performing as they were expected. Now I know.

A.Y. was a resolute brother in Christ, and I ask his, and God's forgiveness, for the thoughts I had about his failure to attend our meetings - I should have known he would not just drop out without word. I ask your prayers for him and his family; and I hope God is with his family and friends, as A.Y. is with God, as they work through their loss and grief.

This year Dory from Wittenburg Gate, after long service, disappeared suddenly from directing the Christian Carnival. I continue to pray that she is healthy and well; and that she might still write.


  1. The Werewolf Prophet6/05/2007 7:42 PM

    Deeply, spiritually thought provoking - thanks, Bro.

    And as was often the case on Prophecy Street, we seem to be oddly in sync; see my Street Prophet's diary entitled "Visions, Death, and the Rainbow Bridge".


  2. The Werewolf Prophet6/05/2007 7:45 PM

    OOops, just saw that you've cross-posted to SP.


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