Friday, July 27, 2007

The Florida You Tube Debate

Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost gives his reasons for supporting the drive to pressure Republican Presidental candidates into participating in the YouTube Presidental debate:

Just as the Democrats spurned the Fox News debate, some Republicans are talking about ditching the long-planned YouTube debate. As a concerned (reluctant) Republican, I've signed on as a co-sponsor of Save the Debate in order to respectfully ask the GOP to reconsider. . . . My reason for supporting this effort may differ from my fellow co-sponsors. I believe that the last YouTube debate did made a mockery of the debate process -- and yet was still more useful than any to the others that have been held to date.
The rest of what he says is pretty interesting.

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How to debate charitably (rules are links to more description of rule):
1. The Golden Rule
2. You cannot read minds
3. People are not evil
4. Debates are not for winning
5. You make mistakes
6. Not everyone cares as much as you
7. Engaging is hard work
8. Differences can be subtle
9. Give up quietly