Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Interupting Heaven: Part 2

I am continuing to journal the study questions from Chapter 6 ("Interrupting Heaven: The Practice of Prayer") of John Ortberg's The Life You've Always Wanted. Someone said they appreciated my questions. They are not mine. They are the study questions in the back of the book, written by Kevin G. Harney.

Additional Small-group Questions

  1. How have you seen prayer used as a last resort and a desperate "Hail Mary" pass at the end of the game?

    • Tell about a time you were forced to your knees in prayer because you realized you had nowhere else to go.
    • What happened once you hit your knees and began praying?
Living the Life

Take time this week to sit down with a paper and pencil or at a computer terminal uninterrupted for at least twenty minutes. Identify one specific area of life or one need that you have been praying about consistently. Write out two prayers focused on this area of need or concern.

First, write out a safe, polite, cautious prayer. Play it close to the vest and don't get too passionate. Don't be too expectant and don't expect God to be very responsive or extravagant.

Second, write a prayer that reflects the attitude Walter Wink suggests in this chapter. Be bold, fearless, and expectant. Ask in a way that takes you beyond your own comfort zone and ask in anticipation.

After you are done writing both prayers, read each one out loud and ask yourself which of these prayers most reflects what God wants to hear from his children.

      Personal Reflection

      The first disciples were face-to-face with Jesus, the master prayer. As you think through the life of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels, identify what you can learn about prayer and how these lessons should impact your prayers. If nothing comes to mind, consider reading through the Gospels in the coming month and focusing on the prayer life of Jesus.

          Group Prayer Direction

          Take time to thank God for inviting you into relationship with him. Sometimes we forget what an amazing honor and privilege it is to talk to God in prayer. Thank Jesus for making a way for us to speak with the Father in prayer.

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