Thursday, August 07, 2008

Christian Carnival CCXXXVI (236)

It is an honor to host this carnival. The submissions are listed in the order in which they were recieved. Enjoy.

  • Andy Wood presents "DeCristo" posted at LifeVesting.
    For four years Connie Holloway had carried a stranger’s name, and it was time for a change. But how do you pick your own new name? What would you do if you had that kind of freedom?
  • FMF presents "Quick Wealth Often Disappears" posted at Free Money Finance.

  • Charles Morgan presents "Christianity's crazy ideas, images, and symbols" posted at Why Do We Believe?.

  • Henry M. Imler presents "Chloe Part 1 - Her People" posted at Theology for the Masses.

  • David Porter presents "Internet Porn - Are you dancing around its snare?" posted at A Boomer in the Pew.

  • Chad Dalton presents "Dads listen up!" posted at Living Stone Bible Church Blog.

  • Drew Tatusko presents "Why Pray?" posted at Notes From Off Center.
    Prayer is a means to work out our faith in a way that the working of God’s eternally present will in our midst is revealed thus making what is incoherent coherent, and what is unintelligible, intelligible. It is not to ask that God intervene in a specific miraculous way on our behalf as if not praying will not effect change. It is to ask God to reveal what God has already planned in the midst of otherwise incoherent events to render them intelligible. Prayer is thus a means of grace that we enact through faith.
  • Annette presents "And now we have Philemon" posted at Fish and Cans.

  • Richard presents "Lazarus is a Priest" posted at dokeo kago grapho soi kratistos Theophilos.

  • Michael presents "Facing Questions" posted at Chasing the Wind.
    Paul's Secondary missionary journey took him to the philosophers of Athens. How did Paul address the pagan philosophers?
  • Weekend Fisher presents "Training to Pray" posted at Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength.
    Weekend Fisher considers why she automatically prays when faced with news of a friend's illness, but does not automatically pray when faced with resentment for those who wrong her. Wrestling with the sinful nature and one of Jesus' hardest -- and most blessed -- commands.
  • CaseyP presents "Blogging for Jesus or Me?" posted at The Limitless.
    Why do we Blog? Is it helping the Kingdom of God?
  • Frances presents "Family Integrated Church" posted at Christianity Lived Out.
    Join me as I explore the Family Integrated Church Movement.
  • Diane R presents "Pampered Children--The Christian Version" posted at Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet.
    Christians have followed the world in pampering our children for several decades and now we are beginning to see the results in Christian adults today.
  • Tiffany Partin presents "Memory Lane - The Tropical Edition" posted at Fathom Deep: Sounding the Depths of God.

  • Daniel Partin presents "The Church Papa Built" posted at Prophet For Hire: A blog for those seeking relationship with God.

  • This week at Light Along the Journey, an afternoon hike to a waterfall lets John reflect on two types of God's created glory in the photo essay "Created for His Glory".

  • Jeremy Pierce presents "Obama and Evil" posted at Parableman.
    some questions about Barack Obama's view of evil and how it relates to fallen humanity's motivations
  • Jody Neufeld presents "Being Tested" posted at Jody's Devotionals.
    Would Jesus approve of the choices you make in reading, viewing, and speaking?
  • Henry Neufeld presents "Quick Note on Applying Matthew 7:1" posted at Participatory Bible Study Blog.
    Application and misapplication (in my view) of Matthew 7:1.
  • Tom Gilson presents "New Age 'Evolution' " posted at Thinking Christian.
    Here’s a good example of how not to marry science with a worldview: the so-called Evolutionary Manifesto
  • Rodney Olsen presents "A Christian Response to Climate Change" posted at

  • Heath presents "Our Creator Has A Plan" posted at Esprit d'escalier.

  • This was a great set of posts - and, again, it was an honor to put them together into the 136th Christian Carnival.

    Next week travel to where the tents are already being set up for the 137th edition. Do you have an entry? Want to participate for the 1st time? Here are the instructions for participating

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