Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Christian Carnival CCLXXXVII (287)

After a fairly long hiatus as an active blogger, it is nice to come back and host another Christian Carnival. As near as I can tell, this is my 13th Carnival, and it is always a pleasure.

The posts are in the order that I recieved them in.

  • FMF presents "Help a Reader: Knowing a Pastor's Salary" posted at Free Money Finance.
    Often I hear people say that they don't give to their church because they don't trust how the money is being spent, don't like the fact that the pastor drives such and such of a car, and the like. Yet they continue to go to the church. They just don't give to it. Here are my thoughts for these people:
  • Trent Cotton presents "Enemy Behind the Lines- Self-Righteousness" posted at Christian Men-Christian Warriors.
    A look at Romans 2:1-3
  • e-Mom presents "Bible Study: The Apostle Paul" posted at C h r y s a l i s.
    Paul is the Ultimate Family Man. Article discusses Paul as "father," "mother," family member, and how he teaches tha tevery family member is a minister. Bonus: Information about visiting Turkey "the other Holy Land" with the BAS.
  • ChristianPF presents "How much money does a Christian need?" posted at Christian Personal Finance.
    How much money should we be seeking as Christians - and why should we be seeking it?
  • Kiesha presents "The Magnificence of God's Plan" posted at Highly Favored.
    This story is going to sound too magnificent to be true, but I promise you this this just recently happened to me and is completely true. I'm sharing it because it is a great example of the magnitude of God's glory
  • gp presents "Runnin’ Free « Musings from Montana" posted at Manely Montana.
    G-ds creatures teach us life lessons
  • Brooklyn White presents "100 Best Blogs for Christian Moms" posted at Online Christian Colleges.
    Whether looking for a single voice in a certain denomination or for a community of others just like you, Christian mothers will enjoy these top 100 blogs. Don’t forget to grab dad and the kids if you find one or more you really like.
  • Jeremy presents "Articles - God Gave Rock and Roll to You" posted at yourchristianvoice.
    I've talked with quite a few people lately who maintain that Christian rock music and Christian rap are sinful and lead to a life of rejecting God. I simply can't fathom how they come up with this idea
  • Keith Tusing presents "Leadership is Tough" posted at Children's Ministry Buzz.
    if you’re going to be the leader here are some things you’re going to need to stay in the game:
  • Casey presents "Mixing Faith and Business" posted at Casey @ TheLimitless.
    Bringing your faith into business transactions can be a tricky situation. This post hopes to look at when and how it may be appropriate.
  • Barry Wallace presents "Zero-Sum Games, Parenting, and Theology" posted at who am i? .
    Blog team member Derek Ashton describes an interesting experiment he conducted with his kids, and the possible theological implications.
  • michelle presents "07.27.09" posted at Thoughts and Confessions of a Girl Who Loves Jesus....
    It's all about prayer.
  • Weekend Fisher presents "Jesus and the meaning of truth" posted at Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength.
    Weekend Fisher considers what it does to our idea of truth when Truth is the person of Jesus rather than an abstract idea.
  • SandiKML presents "WAITING ON GOD" posted at GOD'S SPACE.
    Waiting on God is where a lot of us are in our lives right now . . . The question which perhaps we need to consider is "How do we wait on God?"
  • For His Glory presents "Smorgasbord Tuesday: Access to the Thoughts of God" posted at For His Glory.
    Did you know that as a Christian you have access to the secret thoughts of God? This post discusses what the Bible has to say about our access.
  • NCSue presents "In the garden with God - *" posted at IN HIM WE LIVE AND MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING.
    In rereading the first few chapters of Genesis, I was struck by something I hadn't fully explored before. Why did God ask Where are you?
  • Henry Neufeld presents "Pastoral Candidate" posted at Jevlir Caravansary.
    Is this how YOUR pastor search would go? (Note: Jevlir Caravansary ( is next week's Christian Carnival host)
  • Jeremy Pierce presents "Calminianism" posted at Parableman.
    A response to Craig Blomberg's recent post on Calminianism.
  • Erik D. presents "I am the World's Worst Fundamentalist" posted at Fundamentally Changed.
    Fundamentally Changed contributor Erik D. writes about his journey in fundamentalist Christianity
  • Rey presents "Reasons For Civil Disobedience" posted at The Bible Archive.
    As part of my series on illegal immigration and a Christian's responsibility, I posted this examination of three cases of civil disobedience to examine the motivating factors and see if there are any principles that might carry over into the immigration issue.
  • Shontta presents "Blessed in His Image" posted at Covenant Blessing.
    Shontta looks at the implications of us being created imago dei - in the image of God
  • John presents "Original Sin?" posted at Brain Cramps for God.
    This is another of those long comments I made on another blog.

  • One nice thing - other than these great posts - about the Christian Carnival is that there is always one forming: send your submissions to blog carnival for the next Carnival.

    Another one: There are a whole lot of past Christian Carnivals you can look at as well.


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