Monday, May 22, 2006

The Monday Tour: 5/22/06

First: Some posts from "The Christian Carnival CXXII" :

Hat tip to Texas Gentleman at
Baghdadee for this piece on "The Real Iraq"
Ilona at TrueGrit continues the discussion linked to at Parableman above by warning us to
"Think Carefully, My Fellow Christians"
Mohammad at Iraq the Model is
"Looking at the New Government" in Iraq.
Scot at Jesus Creed looks at two views on
"Coping with Women in Ministry" is also discussed by Jan at A View from Her.

Also, in discussing
"Who's My Neighbor?" Jan comments on Saddleback Church's HIV/AIDS Initiative.
Brett at Stand to Reason has a pretty interesting thought exercise: Bertrand Russell once said
"No one can believe in a good God if they've sat at the bedside of a dying child."
Now, since "The Problem of Evil is Everyone's Problem", let's listen in on what Bertrand might say to comfort said dying child.

Next week (well, maybe)

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