Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christian Carnival CCCVII - "A Carnival of Praise"

Isaiah 9:6
For a child has been born to us,
a son has been given to us.
He shoulders responsibility
and is called:
Extraordinary Strategist,
Mighty God,
Everlasting Father,
Prince of Peace.

* * * * *

  • Rodney Olsen presents "Where did the magic go?" posted at RodneyOlsen.Net.
    Luke 2:8-20 There were sheepherders camping in the neighborhood. They had set night watches over their sheep. Suddenly, God’s angel stood among them and God’s glory blazed around them. They were terrified. The angel said, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here to announce a great and joyful event that is meant for everybody, worldwide: A Savior has just been born in David’s town, a Savior who is Messiah and Master. This is what you’re to look for: a baby wrapped in a blanket and lying in a manger.”

    At once the angel was joined by a huge angelic choir singing God’s praises:

    Glory to God in the heavenly heights,
    Peace to all men and women on earth who please him.

    As the angel choir withdrew into heaven, the sheepherders talked it over. “Let’s get over to Bethlehem as fast as we can and see for ourselves what God has revealed to us.” They left, running, and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby lying in the manger. Seeing was believing. They told everyone they met what the angels had said about this child. All who heard the sheepherders were impressed.

    Mary kept all these things to herself, holding them dear, deep within herself. The sheepherders returned and let loose, glorifying and praising God for everything they had heard and seen. It turned out exactly the way they’d been told!

  • Ridge Burns presents "The Culture of Christmas" posted at Ridge’s Blog.
    . . . Liberia had no electrical service, so it was run by a generator. Where no one could see, where no one would drive by, this one Christian family wanted to celebrate the birth of Christ by lighting up their little hut . . .

  • Kathryn Lang presents "Troubles with a Discouraged Husband" posted at Proverbs 31 Living.
    “What are you passionate about?” The question seems easy enough for me. I ask it all the time. But my husband was stumped by the question.

    “To tell you the truth, I know of nothing that I am passionate about.”

  • Diane R presents "Presbyterians (PCUSA) and the "Gay" Question" posted at Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet.
    Why don't more theologically conservative churches within mainline denominations just leave? The answer might just lie in this post.

  • Tom Gilson presents "Wishing and Celebrating" posted at Thinking Christian.
    Starbucks says, "See the world not as it is, but as it could be.... Wish. It’s what makes the holidays the holidays." But isn't Christmas is a lot more real than wishing the world wasn't the way it is?

  • * * * * *
    Mary’s Hymn of Praise
    “My soul exalts the Lord,
    and my spirit has begun to rejoice in God my Savior,
    because he has looked upon the humble state of his servant.
    For from now on all generations will call me blessed,
    because he who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is his name;
    from generation to generation he is merciful to those who fear him.
    He has demonstrated power with his arm;

    he has scattered those whose pride wells up from the sheer arrogance of their hearts.
    He has brought down the mighty from their thrones, and has lifted up those of lowly position;
    he has filled the hungry with good things, and has sent the rich away empty.
    He has helped his servant Israel, remembering his mercy,
    as he promised to our ancestors, to Abraham and to his descendants forever.”

    * * * * *

  • Jeremy Pierce presents "Satisficing Without Supererogation" posted at Parableman.
    A difficult problem about whether God could have made the world better and its connection with moral theory.

  • Annette presents "Holiday Baking" posted at Fish and Cans.
    no....not heavily Christian, but's an entry of a fun day. :) And I am a Christian so it's all good. :)

  • Henry Neufeld presents Reconciling the Gospel Genealogies posted at Participatory Bible Study Blog.
    There are generally two reactions I hear to this in Sunday School classes and church pews–it’s either fascination, as if the genealogies make or break the Bible or complete indifference, as in “who cares?”

    Both reactions miss the point.

  • Rey from the Bible Archive guest hosts Search for Arete's Dr. Mike who posts a series on higher criticism and catfish.
    Dr. Mike Russell from recently wrote this excellent series on higher criticism based on a question I posted on Theologica.


    1. Wow...not a big carnival today.   Thanks for hosting!  :)

    2. Henry Neufeld12/23/2009 7:49 AM

      Nice Carnival.  I must note that either my number from last week (CCCV, or yours has to be wrong--hopefully not both!

    3. Jeremy has you at 306 and this at 307. gotta go with Jeremy on this stuff.

    4. And a merry Christmas to you, too!  May it find you well and strong in God's grace.

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