Sunday, December 18, 2005

Iraq Is Waking Up Gradually

Read these three stories from Iraq the Model: The first, and the one the post is named after, is here.

The second, Words From Iraq

The third, We Got Our Purple Fingers

From "Waking Up":

We saw clearly that the vast majority of Iraqis now believe even more in the political process and in democratic practices and I believe this will undermine the ideology of those who use arms as a way of expression . . .

. . . Salih al-Mutlaq who was known for his inflammatory statements like "if we don't get our representation we will consider other options including armed resistance or leaving Iraq..." now changed his tone after realizing that his list is going to win several seats in the parliament so now he's saying that he will stay to "defend the cause of those who gave him their votes from his place in the parliament . . .

. . . I think the worst scenario we can have is a religious She'at domination but this is not likely to happen considering the current facts; the UIA will certainly fail to achieve the number of seats they got last time and their ambitions cannot exceed the 90 seat-ceiling (140 last January) . . .

. . . Although the liberal and secular powers aren't yet ready to take the lead for a number of reasons related to 35 years of oppression and destruction but still, the progress they made in a very short time is impressive and I think their main duty now is to establish balance with the religious parties during the coming four years and I believe we already have a partial balance but the next round of election will witness a gain for the liberals and seculars over the religious.

Anyway, from taking a look at the history of nations and in a simple comparison between Iraq and experiments in other countries I think Iraqis have the best record in making substantial progress in a short time in a tough environment.

From "Words From Iraq"
We marched to vote and we respected our differences while Saddam is creeping in his cage chewing on his hatred.

From 59 to 64 to one year our people have proven that the future belongs to them and not those whose claws scarred Iraq's neck . . .

It was a day of happiness for Iraqis and a day of loss for the strangers who thought their camels brought them to a land void of patriots.

It is a day we will await to come again for four long do the right thing again or to correct the mistake if we did one yesterday.

Anyway, I believe we left a mark on the face of history, a purple mark that will not be forgotten easily.

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