Monday, December 26, 2005

The Monday Tour

My days off are Monday and Tuesday, and they are regretfully the only time I get to cruise around to some of my favorite blogs and discussion forums.

Here is a round-up of what struck me today

The Washington State Democratic Party distributed this car magnet until public outrage forced them to withdraw it. From Outraged Christians and Scardy Cats:
Now the woman that owns the rights to this sacrilegious symbol is using the uproar that it has caused to spread her desires for legalizing marijuana.

The person that created the symbol has chosen to remain anonymous because he fears for the safety of his cats. That’s right he is afraid for the safety of his cats. As well he should be, for we are all well aware of the propensity of Christian fanatics to slaughter innocent cats when offended by ignorant muttonheads.

No one here thinks this was wise politics – right?
After last weeks elections, the losers complained about election fraud; and a number of parties have talked about not accepting the results. Here is one view: The Rigged Elections - A New Game by Sunnis at Baghdadee
Iraq the Model has five posts in the last week on the election crisis - which they think is going to be resolved peacefully.
Okay, I will apologize in advance for this. It is, however, a pretty good satire piece on the P.C. controversies of this holiday season: Yuletide News Niblets. Again, forgive me.
To make amends, conservative Barron's has joined the impeachment noise with: Unwarranted Executive Power. I think it is a pretty even look at the issue as well. (HT: TalkLeft)
My wife and I got a kick out of these two "Ask Joe" pieces from Evangelical Outpost: The Secret to a Happy Marriage; and How to Handle a Divorce.

BTW: These are humor articles. If you do not think they were funny, that doesn't mean Joe was serious.
A "what was that judge thinking?" moment: David Letterman was served with a temporary restraining order by a New Mexico judge. A copy of the letter from the women is here; while the TPO is here. The hat tip is to Volokh Conspiracy which goes on to ask Is it Illegal for David Letterman to Own a Gun?
The NY Times compares areas in Mississippi as they cleanup after Katrina - while all use government money, some have contracted with private companies directly while others have contracted with the Corp of Army Engineers and their contractors. (HT: WorldMagBlog)

David Klinghoffer, an orthodox Jew, takes Judge Jones of Dover PA fame, to task with Judging Darwin and God. (HT: WorldMagBlog)

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