Monday, April 17, 2006

The Monday Tour: 4/17/06

Since I "live" in an online community where theophobia is rampant; I think it is good to bring out Carter's Law of Political Rhetoric to join Godwin's Law in the upper strata of such laws (whatever they are):

As the number of religious conservatives expressing an opinion on a moral or political issue increases, the probability that someone on the political left will invoke the term “theocracy” approaches one.
This law is stated in Joe Carter's "Theocrats and Theophobes: Kevin Phillips and Carter’s Law of Political Rhetoric".
Posts from Christian Carnival CXVII:
  • Martin examines (briefly) "Water Calligraphy"
  • This wasn't his ChCar post - but it was the one after it, and wanting to how someone could see "Jesus as . . . protester . . . (no, really . . . )" I read it too. The quoted piece so misses the point of my Savior's life and death that I must put in one of my infrequent, and I hope unneccessary, outs:
    Disclaimer: Linking this drivel does not imply that I think there is any merit at all in the view stated.
    Other, perhaps, than its contention for the honors of "Post Completely Missing the Point of Easter"
  • For the real cost of the irresponsibly free speech of a Danish newspaper see "The Cartoons and the Suffering" in Nigerian parish - yelling fire in a crowded theater indeed.
  • " Dogs find the taste of antifreeze pleasing, but it’s not a good idea to feed it to them, as it will kill them. The Gospel of Judas might seem equally inviting, but it’s something that people will do well to avoid." - Laura at Pursuing Holiness
  • John examines our "Freedom to Choose?"
  • Ron at Northern 'burbs has been doing a series on the Dalits ("untouchables") in India. The latest asks to "Free the Dalits: Here and Now"
A post on hatred of the Shi'a in the Middle East at Baghdadee
Scot at Jesus Creed has "More Thoughts on Penal Substitution 1" following his "Atonement Wars on Good Friday?"
Jeremy also takes on the atoning work of Christ with "Deliverance From Transgressions"
"All Politics Are Local? Don't Tell the Dems That" is a conservative look at the coming mid-term elections in light of President Bush's dismal popularity.
In "Birthdays and Legacies", Jan looks at the 80th birthday of Hugh Heffner:
"It is Hefner who put big money into porn, now a $57 billion-a-year industry, and brought it into the cultural mainstream. His legacy is men and women who star in his films imprisoned by exploitation. It is ruined marriages and soul-killing addiction.

Chuck Colson also looks at Hugh Hefner's Legacy in his Breakpoint commentary. He references the Wall Street Journal article, and connects the dots: "the pornification of America has led to a huge increase in crime against women and children, crime committed by those who consume porn that teaches that women want to be raped and degraded."
World Magazine looks at a theological basis for viewing the immigration issue: "You Used to be One"

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