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The Monday Tour 4/3/06

Joe Carter takes a ball bat to "Aftab Ansari, Terri Schiavo, and the Absurdity of Marriage Laws".

it would take an army of homosexual rights activists several decades to do as much damage to the sacred institution as heterosexuals have done by tolerating no-fault divorce and the repeal of common law marriage.
And cracks one out with "What is the Gospel?"
Wow! I love this stuff. Hannah Im links her post at
Intellectuelle at her own blog; and includes some other links: "Christianity and Women: Posts to Ponder". For those interested: you can download a complete NET Bible for your computer here. There are over 16,000 study notes attached - it is pretty incredible.
"Kids Need Dads, not Just Fathers". Yep.
A little philosophical "smack-down" in the evolutionary camp between Michael Ruse on one side; and Daniel Dennett and Richard Dawkins on the other:
"Darwinian Meltdown over Intelligent Design". (HT: Adrian Warnock)
Salim asks the question at
Baghdadee: "Is civil war a possibility?"
Iraq the Model has a bit about the current political crisis in Iraq centered around the UIA's selection of Jafari as Prime Minister - against the wishes of almost everyone else including a number of people in the UIA. Another pivotal point seems in the making.
Scot McKnight asks
"Is the Reformation Over?":

Here’s what I wonder: Is it not the case that most of us really do anchor our faith in the orthodox statements of faith (Nicea, etc)? Is it not the rise of Trinitarian theology at the end of the 20th Century that has provoked so many invigorating perspectives on theology? And do we not have so much to learn from one another?

And here’s what I observe about converts. Those who leave the evangelical Protestant world do so to find Tradition and Church; those who leave the Orthodox tradition find a non-ethnic, personal faith; those who leave the Catholic Church find a personal, vibrant, music-loving worship.

This is no silly utopia I have in mind: I’m not talking about John Stott, Pope Benedict and the big hats of the Orthodox organizing a Summit of Unity, once again in Nicea, and walking away with centuries of history swished off the stage into forgiveness. That ain’t gonna happen.

Scot references this article in First Things: "To Be a Christian College"
Rick Moran has two takes on the blogosphere's (left and right) tendency to rely on "head-hunting" in
"A Few Random Thoughts on Blogging, the Media, and How We Got Ourselves Into This Mess"; and "Twice a Victim" about Jill Carroll
Dale Carpenter at Volokh Conspiracy looks at the Massachusetts Supreme Court's decision not to allow
"evasion marriages"
Hat Tip to

THIS. IS. CRAZY! if true.
"Meet Doctor Doom".
Professor Pianka said the Earth as we know it will not survive without drastic measures. Then, and without presenting any data to justify this number, he asserted that the only feasible solution to saving the Earth is to reduce the population to 10 percent of the present number.
His technique: ebola

On RU-486:
"Some Doctors Voice Worry Over Abortion Pills' Safety"

Here is a
"Plan to Replace the Welfare State" by giving every American 21 and over $10,000 per year (there is a sliding scale).
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