Monday, July 17, 2006

The Monday Tour: 7/17/06

It's been awhile; but I am touring again
Normally I start with the current Christian Carnival and highlight a few of my favorite posts. Since I was the host this week I will tell my favorites. Just read a bunch of them.
Michael at Boundless tells Christian men (and by implication women) to "Stop Test-driving Your Girlfriend" (HT: The Evangelical Outpost.)

Joe at Evangelical Outpost has a couple of essays on embryonic stem cell research this week also. I think there needs to be an Italian-type system for restricting the creation of embryos in IVF labs; but I do not have Joe's problem with (given parental permission) using IVF embryos (that would be flushed down a toilet anyway) for research. I consider it analogous to organ donation when we die. Of course, I do have a problem with creating embryos for the purpose of research - ever. Joe Carter will always present a coherent argument that will make you examine your assumptions - if you want to examine your assumptions that is.
Mohammed at Iraq the Model asks for
"No More Half-Solutions" in Lebanon - with some analysis of the similarities to the situation in Iraq.
Bonnie at Intellectuelle goes where Michael went above at Boundless with a
"Follow-up to 'Thoughts on Christian Singleness'". The post being "follow-upped" on is here.
WorldMagBlog tat tips:

  • Ah, a counter to the vast right-wing conspiracy: ". . . Great Left-wing Conspiracy". Now the left can line up for their secret millions from liberal financiers too.
  • ProgressiveU's "The Evil of Christianity". Pretty good example of insult to Christianity from a secular "progressive" (sorry, no tolerance in this post - hence not a real progressive)
  • Someone at Street Prophets thought women who were pro-life had adopted chattledom due to the influence of the religious right. For anyone confused, this is really slavery of women: "Flesh For Sale"
  • The "Religious Right" supposedly hates immigrants and immigration reform: Chuck Colson supports a proposal by Mike Pence (R) from Indiana which may be a basis for "An Immigration Compromise".
Ah: another American reporter embedded in a military unit in Iraq; but the wrong one:
"The New York Times - Enemy of the People". Joao Silva is rightfully bashed by Rick Moran

Rick has also returned the
"The Carnival of the Clueless"

Finally, Rick has a number of pieces on Lebanon - including tearing up a guy from the Weekly Standard who thinks the US should enter the current conflict in Lebanon on the side of Israel.

That is good for now. Next week?

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