Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Monday Tour: Appendix

A couple of things missed my attention yesterday - and I didn't want to wait another week.

  • At my FMO group last night I watched James Dobson's last interview with Ted Bundy before his execution. The text is here but you should try to find a copy of the video
  • Read "The Catholic Court Appeal" which examines the interesting fact that while 5 of the current 9 justices are Catholic (all appointed in last 20 years) - prior to that only 7 Catholics served on the Supreme Court in 200 years. It examines natural law, subsidiarity, and religious freedom as explanations for this phenomena
  • Finally, my email to President Bush on the stem cell bill:
    Subject: Please do not veto stem cell bill

    July 18, 2006


    As an evangelical, pro-life Republican I urge you not to veto the stem cell bill if passed.

    First, I think the United States should take action like Italy to prevent IVF lab wastage: 3 eggs harvested and fertilized and all fertilized eggs re-implanted.

    Second, I think umbilical stem cells offer a much greater hope - and should be funded to a higher degree.

    Lastly, parents allowing their currently frozen embryos due for destruction to donate their "bodies to science" is giving the possibility of good coming from this unneccessary waste. Frankly, I see no more ethical problem than bodies being donated to medical schools and medical research.

    I admire your stand on this issue - but the problem is the creation of surplus embryos in fertility clinics to begin with; and not what to do with those embryos when they are slated to die anyway.

    This was sent today through a really interesting site: PoliticsOL.com which will link you to the email addresses of all your federal representatives from the President on down by zip code - and give you the tools to compose a letter or email. Also, you can post what you sent on site to be read by others.

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