Friday, September 22, 2006

"We Shall Morph Indeed" Pt. 2

Turning Aside

"The truth is the term spiritual life is simply a way of referring to it - every moment and facet of it - from God's perspective. Another way of saying it is this: God is not interested in your "spiritual life". God is interested in your life. He intends to redeem it" -- John Ortberg
Continuing to journal the study questions from Chapter 1 of John Ortberg's The Life You've Always Wanted. For some "look ahead" at the book, I have posted the chapter titles at the index link at the bottom

First, read Exodus 3:1-15.

* * * * *
Question 3b:
How might Moses' life, and the history of Isreal, been different if he had not bothered to turn aside when God spoke to him?
I really hate these kind of questions. Would God even have picked Moses if Moses would have said no - God knew Moses's heart and character. Assuming Moses didn't turn aside, would God have tried again with him; or found someone else? God's plans would not have been frustrated.

Isreal's liberation from Egypt might have come later and in a different way - but it would have come: God's heart was aching at their suffering.

Moses' life certainly would have been different if he had not "turned aside" - and he would have missed the opportunity to powerfully impact an entire nation's life through God's power. He would have also missed a intense and deep relationship with God available to him if he "turned aside"

* * * * *
Question 4a
Describe a time when you slowed down and turned aside to see what God was doing
When I was still an unbeliever, I was a student at a community college - still an agnostic/atheist. My next door neighbor was a single Korean mother who was a seminary student at one of the Portland seminaries.

How she passed the "proof of English" test to get accepted into seminary is a mystery (or not) - but she was taking "Introduction to the Old Testament" and was struggling with writing her papers and assignments.

She knew I was in school and asked me to help her with her papers - she didnt ask if I was a Christian. For some unknown reason (ok, not really unknown) I said yes - even though I did not believe in the Bible or God.

I had been a editor of an Oregon/Washington chess magazine, so I knew how to keep my "voice" and opinions out of other people's writing. For that term, as her English writing skills improved, I helped her write her assignments and papers.

She was from a different culture involved in a religion I rejected and fought against. God called me to help her and I did. She was a friend of the family for years. And God had put me back in the Word.

* * * * *
Question 4b
How did slowing down and turning toward God impact your life?
This was one step in a transition from non-believer to believer - it was one of those pieces that led me to a relationship with God and a savior in Jesus.

Prayer focus:
  1. Lift up prayers of thanks and praise for the many ways God has brought transformation in your life as you have followed Jesus
  2. Pray for continued morphing experiences where God will move, transform, and shape your life
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