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"We Shall Morph Indeed" Pt. 3

More Moses
"God said He wanted to begin a new community of human existence, and He wanted Moses to lead it. He wanted Moses to go to Pharaoh, the commander-in-chief of a superpower, and tell him his vast Israelite labor force is no longer available" -- John Ortberg
Continuing to journal the study questions from Chapter 1 of John Ortberg's The Life You've Always Wanted. For some "look ahead" at the book, I have posted the chapter titles at the index link at the bottom

Now read Exodus 3:11-15; 4:1-17

* * * * *
Question 5a & 5b:

Moses and God have an enlightening conversation in these passages. What arguments does Moses present to God to explain why he should not lead the people of Israel out of Egypt?

How does God respond to each of Moses' efforts to avoid this calling for his life?

Moses' objections:
  1. I am a nobody - who am I to do this
  2. They will ask me your name and I do not know it (I hear a fine whine here myself)
  3. They won't believe me or listen to me
  4. I do not talk well or eloquently;
  5. Come on God, send someone else who talks better
God's answers:
  1. Relax, I will be with you - this burning bush should be a sign to you that I am with you
  2. "I AM WHO I AM"; and He said, "Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, 'I AM has sent me to you.'" God then tells Moses exactly who to go to and what to say; assures Moses that they will listen to him; and then gives him the rough draft of what he and the elders of Israel will say to Pharaoh - as we say in the car business he "loaded his lips". He tells him that God knows Pharaoh will not listen; and that God will do great miracles in Egypt and that they Israel will be let go.
  3. See your staff: you will be able to do a miracle with it in order to prove that you come with my authority
  4. Didn't I make your mouth? I will be your mouth and teach you what to say (trust me).
  5. (in God's pissed voice): OK. Your brother Aaron is eloquent. Right? He speaks well. Right? I am sending him to meet with you - he will do the talking. He does the talking and you do the miracles. OK?
An interesting exchange on so many levels to me. Moses is more afraid of going than of the God he is arguing with. Is this because God exudes love and he really didn't fear him. I do not think so. I think it is because the God speaking to us (even out of a burning bush) is just not as real and directly threatening as the real world Pharaohs standing between us and what God wants us to accomplish in our lives. Even talking to God in this dramatic a fashion still did not give Moses the faith (yet) that God would give him the power to do what God wanted him to do
Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.
Prayer focus:
  1. Lift up prayers of thanks and praise for the many ways God has brought transformation in your life as you have followed Jesus
  2. Pray for continued morphing experiences where God will move, transform, and shape your life
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