Friday, March 23, 2007

Christian Carnival CLXVI (166) is up

The introduction from Dory at The Wittenburg Gate :

Welcome to this week's Christian Carnival, a showcase of Christian thought in the blogosphere. Christian writers are invited to submit their best posts from the last week. If you would like to participate in or host future Christian Carnivals, please refer to our guidelines.
What did I like this week
  • "Behold … Can, Worms, and the Lid Ajar" where Mark Olson
    attempt[s] to engage others in a modern discussion on race and gender, seen through the lens of Patristic Theological thought.
  • Martin: "What I believe about origins" from a retired university science teacher.
  • Jeremy takes on the myth that "inerrancy" is a relatively new doctrine with "Historical Inerrantists"
  • This was not in the carnival; but I got to it from somebody's blog: Dan Edelen is a little miffed (as I am) about the ignoring of the third person of the Trinity - the Holy Spirit - and talks about it in "The Holy Who?"
    Ask yourselves how the Church grew from a couple hundred disciples at Pentecost to around 20-25 million adherents by the time of the First Council of Nicaea in 325. Most people couldn’t read, no NT canon existed, the Gentiles had passing references to the Scriptures, persecution of Christians flourished, Christians didn’t meet in megachurches, and yet Christianity flourished. How?

    Not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit!

    How is that we’ve forgotten this? Worse, how is it that we’ve forgotten the Third Person of the Trinity altogether?
    That is a good question

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