Monday, March 19, 2007

OK, Back to Blogging Here

I have spent a lot of time at Street Prophets being the fringe evangelical in the community; and that has affected by writing here:

  • First, since almost everything I posted here was cross-posted to there (or vice-versa) - there were topics I avoided entirely since they were not appropriate there. There were also things that were posted there that never made it here.

  • Second, I spent a lot of time in comments sections chatting over there. That is not a bad thing, but it was time-intensive.
I do not have the time to post and chat here and there, help plant my church, and participate in my FMO group and my church community group - while working and being a husband/father. While I enjoyed the online community at Street Prophets I have to narrow my focus somewhat.

The good, or bad, news is that I am going to focus here. I want to post more often, and complete some series that I started and have never finished. I also intend to start some new ones. Right now, I am going to do some catch-up:
I plan to now focus here. Some upcoming stuff:
  • I am going to keep posting the questions from The Life You Always Wanted and maybe get them journaled online
  • I may actually finish the last post in the "The Natural Law Series"
  • I recieved my first free book as a blogger - The Listening Heart, by A.J. Conyers - and I am going to do a review/series on this book. I can tell you now that I recommend reading it:
    In a stunning insight, Conyers shows that the quintessential institution of modernity is slavery, for the slave is the ultimate autonomous individual. Stripped of every human tie, he belongs to no community but to a stranger. It is no accident, then, that the rise of modern slavery coincided with the Enlightenment itself.
    It has been a fascinating, and difficult, book for me - and I may have to read it twice before I can speak rationally about it.
Anyway, I am going to focus here now.


  1. Okay, I see I was pretty much right about why you're cutting back at the Street. Be seeing you occasionally.

  2. Nice to see where you're hanging out now. I'll visit this site more often.

    True Blue
    Late of Street Prophets


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